Calculating Cost for Custom Music

As a general rule, the following is the method used to calculate the cost of engraving. Exceptions would need to be made where there are other special features to the music (ex. graphics), that would make the creation of the music more time-consuming.

The cost calculation is based on the number of non-empty measures, and each voice within the measure is counted. Therefore, a measure with 2 voices in it would count as two. Chords in a measure are not counted as voices. Examples:

This passage is counted as 4. It contains 4 measures of a single voice and no blank measures

This passage is counted as 3. It contains one blank measure, and the remaining measures contain a single voice. The chords are still a single voice.

This passage is counted as 6. It contains no blank measures, and a single voice in two of the measures, and two voices in two measures.

The charge per measure is currently $.05.

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